Hollis Wealth Case Study


  • Apri Insurance Services Inc.


HollisWealth approaches wealth management from a different point of view, one that sees a deeper relationship with their advisors. It is important to them that they provide their advisors with the right tools and training to do the best job possible.

The Collective was asked to create a web-based information platform that would enable advisors to compare and contrast the product and service offerings of both Apri Insurance Services and GroupQuest Benefits Resources and showcase the level of expertise and support these companies represent, in order to serve the advisor’s corporate clients and help them to acquire new ones.

In addition, the new microsite would offer a section dedicated to the HollisWealth Advisors Succession Plan, outlining the details and encouraging advisors to begin the process of planning and taking action towards their future.

Hollis Wealth Benefits Solutions


Develop an informative microsite that would enable advisors to quickly differentiate between the Apri and GroupQuest brands, demonstrate their respective product and service offerings, and highlight the differences in the scope of responsibilities assumed by each party.




The Collective began by taking a deep dive into the structure, functionality and navigation of the microsite.

It was important to highlight the unique identities of the two corporate brands, Apri and GroupQuest, while maintaining the HollisWealth branding. 

The creative had to translate across all three brands when showcased together. To do so, we developed a common, yet unique, abstract geometric triangle pattern.

Each brand’s colour scheme is represented within their section, ultimately coming together to create a cohesive set of brand colours, unifying the overall identity of the microsite.

Layout and visual design remains consistent throughout, in keeping with the theme of triangular shapes, such as implementing arrows within charts.

Typography stays true to each of the brand personalities within each section of the microsite to highlight their unique differences.