Apri Group of Companies

Apri Group of Companies


Apri, which in Latin means 'what comes before', was tested and selected as the company's new name. From it, the positioning 'Living As Planned' was derived.

The branding speaks to the company's belief: that the essence of insurance is not a product, rather, it is actually an expression of caring - how an employer cares for its employees, and how parents care for their families.

The logo design draws attention to the 'i', which represents Apri's philosophy of caring about the individual, and helping them to carry on following an adverse event or change in lifestyle. The font is unexpected, written in lowercase, and changes from san serif (ap) to serif (r) and back to san serif (i), which supports the notion that lives change, and that insurance provides a way to regain stability following that change so that the individual or their loved ones can 'live as planned'.

The identity breaks through and is exciting, among a sea of insurance brokers, this identity and story is highly unique. The Collective's creative team worked to ensure the brand identity was very approachable, much like the people behind the name.


The Collective's creative team rebranded the GroupQuest identity. A new teal colour was chosen for its compassionate and empathetic nature.

The wordmark design and a new positioning line 'Together. Connected. Empowered.' helped communicate the GroupQuest story and brand proposition.

The new identity showcases connectedness and a sense of community through the use of interconnected letters within the company name. The font was custom designed to give the logo a personal and 'ownable' touch.


The branding has an energetic feel through a unique and custom drawn typeface, designed with a slight lean to keep the eye moving in a forward direction, like the brand itself.

Inspired by the sound of hands clapping, a starburst accent was created to represent a spark of excitement.

The colour palette of purples and indigos represent wealth, good judgement and peace of mind. Gold is the colour of success and achievement.

The tagline 'For Life' in a hand-lettered font, is connected to the wordmark. It was developed as a double entendre, to mean both the life of the participant (stage and age) and the brand's impact on quality of life.


Jungo creates connectivity. It is a solution that bridges the gap between employees and their company and/or their HR department. Jungo (Latin for 'bridge') appears with a curved arc through its name. The arc represents a bridge and its placement encompasses the logo.

This graphic treatment also signifies a protective shield (or umbrella), staying true to the notion that Jungo brings people and places together, creating connection.

The colour palette was chosen because it represents tranquility and peace of mind. The colours also signifies renewal, growth, harmony, balance and trust.

Jungo is a compensation solution that energizes the workplace and provides positive cultural impact. To that end, the colour blue has been paired with yellow to add energy and contrast.