Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society – Relay For Life

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers. They offer vital support and cancer information services for people with cancer and their family, friends and caregivers; take a proactive approach to cancer prevention and screening; raise awareness; and help fund groundbreaking cancer research in Canada.

After an extensive RAW engagement, we uncovered what is unique and ownable about this brand, in order to bring those elements to life through an event experience.

The Collective’s ACDC team was tasked with creating a new look for the 2015 Relay For Life Ontario Event. A family-friendly relay walk, held in communities across the province, to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Canadian Cancer Society - Metro newspaper print, subway banners

The blue baton was reintroduced and became a powerful central image in the POP & RFI, print and digital ads, transit advertising (including a brand new media application), event-day collateral, orientation video, and was articulated through radio PSAs and :10 tags.

The use of a track as key background art demonstrates the connection to the relay event. The baton was featured prominently, always to look as if it was being passed.

A variety of hands, representing diverse participants, were shown passing or accepting the baton. Photography of past participants was added to the track key-art to bring the event to life.

Key messaging was boldly featured on all visuals and radio, to let the audience know this was a family relay walk, not a race. Secondary messaging included, “helps fund the most promising cancer research and vital support services for those living with cancer today”.

Team at Relay For Life event